About Us

A veteran in the game, Devil Exhausts was founded in the year 1966 in the city of Valence, Central France. Founded by the prominent DeVille family, the brand morphed into "DEVIL". In its third generation since inception, circa 2012, the brand expanded, increased its footprint worldwide and started using the official name - Devil Evolution. This was done to commemorate and preserve the philosophy of the Brand, especially the classic teardrop shape of the end can.
With offices and factories in India, Thailand, Italy, France and China as well as stockists in many more countries, Devil Evolution has established a presence in all major motorcycle markets. This allows these markets to have easy and efficient access to our products and services. Every factory manufactures technologically brilliant and engineered products under the same tight standards set by the parent company.
The brand with an exemplary RACING PEDIGREE, is a key sponsor of teams at all levels, especially in MotoGP and the World Superbike Championship. We believe that the race track is the toughest testing ground for product development and also works as a practical laboratory for design, engineering and R & D.

From our European and Asian bases, the iconic classic and modern Italian list of products of slip-ons and full exhaust systems have been used for a long time in motorcycle racing at MotoGP, World Superbike Championship, Asia Road Racing Championship, Australian Superbike Championship and various National Championships.
Devil's slip-ons are of two popular designs, that is, D series and X series, with the D series being manufactured in Asia - India, Thailand and China - and the X series in Europe - Italy and France.
Regardless of where it is produced you will be assured of exemplary service, fantastic product quality as well as product responsibility.