Devil Evolution - 1966 to 2020 - we are still strong!

05 May , 2019

Devil Evolution - 1966 to 2024 - we are still strong and growing stronger by the day. 58 years of history and we are now manufacturing some of our popular products in India.




Enough said! D6 the best ever made for Devil Evolution 300  
Why do you need Devil Evolution? Why D6?

  1. Designed to support the Super sport 300, especially from the experience of more than 3 years at Devil Evolution, in the WSBK world championship motorcycle race, together with PTR Honda, England.
  2. There is an industry standard TIS 341-2543 certified by the National Automotive Institute.
  3. Strong in competition or in real life We want to limit the damage when an accident occurs. The car must have a chance to continue running.
  4. We have a Call Center team that is responsible for and providing product information. A legal entity Registered in the Ministry of Commerce
  5. Devil Evolution products and all Tasmanian pipes There is accident insurance for damage in all cases, 50% of the product value. Just inform the company. And deliver damaged goods, get 50% discount immediately
  6. Devil Evolution is currently an export product. In the Industry Council Bring revenue from the country from the export value of 4 million baht in 2015 and in 2016, increased to 5.56 million baht, representing an expansion rate of 39%.
  7. Reasonable prices Compared to the global brand piping imported from abroad

Meet D6, the latest innovation from Devil Evolution.


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